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Sunday, March 3, 2013

10 Growing Lettuce At Home

Lettuce Growing

Lettuce leaf texture and color vary depending with the type of lettuce you are growing. However, all these types of lettuce grow best in constantly moist soil. The best time to grow lettuce in zone 9B, which I live is between the months of November through February. Lettuce will have a hard time tolerating the long hot days in many of the other months in Florida, especially if it is at the time of harvest. Disease, insects, or just simple burnout will greatly reduce yield if not destroy your crop. The soil is usually cooler during these months but you need to note that the crop will require even more sunlight during this period. So make sure they are planted in an area where they get full sun. Growing lettuce will of course lead you to find out that there are quite a number of different types of lettuce, including the butter heads and Bibb type, loose- leaf varieties, romaine lettuce, and crisphead lettuce.
When growing lettuce you need to make sure you have good fertile soil, less than this will give you nothing but heartache. Spacing requirement vary widely but most are varieties can be grown pretty close together, around 10-12 inches. The root system does not go down very low either, loose soil is however important. Make sure you apply a balanced organic fertilizer to the area before planting. You could always wait till they sprout and side dress them with the fertilizer, but make sure you do it to ensure success. Once they have sprouted and have grown to a point where the leaves a bunching, cut the outer leaves of leaf lettuce when they are between 4 and 6 inches in height. The leaves at the centre of the crop remain intact. This method of removing the outer leaves shock the crop and allows it to continue growing rather than seeding or bolting. Lettuce can be easy to grow and rewarding. It should be a staple vegetable grow in your garden because of it’s versatility in the kitchen. The one caveat I would add is to look at the nutritional value to the varieties you grow and choose one that is higher than most lettuce types you usually find. Which are generally low in nutritional value, you will be suprised at how tasty and healthy lettuce can really be.


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