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Friday, December 21, 2012

0 Growing Broccoli in Florida

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Growing Broccoli

All the varieties of broccoli are tasty in their own way. Growing broccoli is far much easier as compared to its relatives Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. Broccoli produces bountiful crops. I learned the broccoli is in the cabbage family, who would have guessed? It is also the most popular vegetable in that family. If you live in Florida, you can plant this crop during fall or late winter as it takes cold very well. If you can call a Florida winter cold. They are also a very beautiful plant, dark rich green leaves that look like wax has been poured on them. In order for the seeds to sprout well, you need to ensure that soil temperatures remain between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

I learned that there are three main types of broccoli; Calabrese broccoli, Purple cauliflower, and Sprouting broccoli. These crops come in different shapes, sizes, and color. They do not grow well in hot weather, in Florida that would include a number of months. For me to get winter harvest, I had to plant my seeds indoors for about 4 weeks in October before transplanting them. After four weeks, I transferred the broccoli sprouts to my garden. You could however, plant the seeds directly in a the soil rather than transplanting. I have read that broccoli once established can even grow in the snow, so I would not be afraid to plant as late as in January. If you time it right, I bet in Florida you can get two crops back to back during the winter months.
Most vegetables need moderate to higher nutrient soil so be sure to use a good complete organic fertilizer before planting in your garden. Or do what I did which was sprinkle the COF on the sides once established. You should choose a site with fertile and well-drained soil. The bed needs to be watered thoroughly before seedlings are set out. During the process of setting out seedling, you need to leave a space of about 18 to 20 inches. Growing broccoli has been easy, and we have been able to get a healthy and tasty vegetable for our home. This one we will plant again and again. A winner in my opinion for a central Florida garden.


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