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Sunday, December 2, 2012

3 Florida: The Real Orange County

Taken by Ellen Levy Finch (en:User:Elf) March 23, 2004.

Nothing goes better with the heat in Florida than a cold glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Orange, the delicious citrus fruit that was declared Florida’s state fruit back in 2005 is one of their most important agricultural products. There are about 10 types of sweet oranges that grow throughout the different seasons of the year, add to that – the sour oranges. Florida is the majority supplier of oranges, as well as other citrus fruits, throughout the entire United States making up over 80% of the total oranges produced per annum.

Orange farms occupy over 30% of the land area within Florida, an incredibly large number considering the fact that they are amongst the leaders in vegetable farming throughout the country. The state is known for a lot of its agricultural products such as tomatoes, watermelons, tobacco, and wheat to name a few yet it is the orange that has been raised up as the official state fruit.

Exported oranges in Florida is not limited to fresh produce they have also engaged in bottling, canning, juicing, and concocting orange concentrates to sell both domestically and internationally. They opened businesses and factories that engage in these processes and have expanded the identity of Florida as an orange state, truly a sunny color for a sunny state; it underlines perfectly their moniker as the sunshine state.

Natives of Florida should have some working understanding of some of the basic types of oranges and their customary uses in everyday life. Navel oranges are typically consumed fresh while Valencia oranges are favored for juicing. The sour Seville orange is excellent for cooking or as a lemon substitute; it is also used as an ingredient in some liqueurs. There are many other types each good for different things. For Floridians oranges are a must know fruit.


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